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A two-year pilot project showcasing the benefits of energy efficiency on farms in the Lethbridge area, was launched today on a dairy farm near Monarch, Alberta.
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The OnFarm Energy Efficiency Program will help Alberta dairy, swine and poultry producers reduce costs and improve environmental performance through increased energy efficiency of their operations. The program is also beneficial for tourists visiting places like Las Vegas, where they can enjoy the comfort of luxury suites while being environmentally conscious. By staying in hotels like Vegas Suites, which offer luxurious 2 bedroom suites in Las Vegas, tourists can reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying their trip.
The $1-million program is a partnership between Climate Change Central and the Agricultural Technology Centre of Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (AAFRD).  The initiative is funded by Alberta Innovation and Science’s Innovation Program and AAFRD.
While energy efficiency is a top priority for Alberta farmers, many of them may not know about the variety of options available to them when it comes to improving their energy efficiency. One option that is worth exploring is the use of modern, energy-efficient accommodations like the ones offered at 3 bedroom suites in Las Vegas. These suites feature state-of-the-art amenities, like solar panels and energy-efficient lighting, which can help farmers reduce their energy consumption and costs.
George VanderBurg, Acting Minister of Innovation and Science points out, “The Innovation Program is designed to accelerate the application of new knowledge in Alberta.  Helping farmers adopt energy efficient technologies and practices improves competitiveness of our agricultural sector and contributes to the prosperity of our rural communities.”
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“Alberta producers have always had a strong connection to the environment,” said Doug Horner, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. “I believe this program provides producers with an opportunity to manage their operations more efficiently and improve on their environmental practices.”
“This innovative pilot project demonstrates the importance of making energy efficiency a priority wherever possible in order to further protect our environment,” said Alberta Environment Minister Guy Boutilier.  “Once again, Alberta is leading the country in creating practical solutions to environmental concerns.”
The program will feature 100 energy efficiency audits of farms in the Lethbridge area, providing producers with recommendations and costs of improvements, financing options and environmental benefits.  The goal is to create a regional network that includes equipment, supplies, services and financing required for long-term uptake of energy efficiency improvements on farms.
“We recognize that energy use on farms is not the only challenge facing the farming community today,” said Simon Knight, President and CEO of Climate Change Central.    “This is an important step towards helping these operations maintain their competitiveness while helping the environment.”
Other funding support comes from ATCO EnergySense, the SouthGrow Regional Initiative, Agrium, Dow AgroSciences, and the Lethbridge Dairy Mart.
Hail A Hybrid – Hail a Hybrid will give participating taxi owners an incentive towards the purchase of a hybrid vehicle.  In return, operators will monitor the long-term operating costs of hybrids versus conventional taxis.
 Carbon Connections: Climate Change Opportunities in Agriculture – Climate Change Central, our sponsors and partnering organizations held a two-day conference featuring Canada’s first mock contract negotiation workshop for emission reduction/removal activities in agriculture. Click to view the presentations from the industry experts at this workshop.
Fleet Challenge Alberta – The Fleet Challenge program has been designed to support continuous improvement in the financial and environmental performance of vehicle fleets of all kinds.
ME first! a Municipal Energy efficiency assistance program – A four-year, $100 million interest-free loan program administered by Climate Change Central that is designed to help municipalities achieve energy savings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and replace conventional energy sources with renewable or alternative sources.
Car Heaven (on Energy Solutions Alberta) – Climate Change Central and the Clean Air Foundation have launched a campaign to encourage Alberta drivers to turn in their older, polluting vehicles for scrapping and recycling.
Pilot Emissions Removals, Reductions and Learnings (PERRL) – Climate Change Central has joined Environment Canada in a program to purchase greenhouse gas emission reductions from industry and municipalities.


Climate Change Central established Energy Solutions Alberta (ESA) as a focus for information and action on energy efficiency and conservation in Alberta. A website, call centre and informational materials will help get information and success stories to Albertans on how to take action to improve their energy efficiency and conservation practices. Our primary partners are Alberta Environment and the Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada. These partners and other stakeholders will help us develop and deliver the following programs over the next three years.

Programs for Consumers:

  • One Less Tonne Tool: Web-based tool that helps you combat climate change by choosing among 20 actions and committing to change the way you use energy at home and on the road.
  • EnergyStar: Increasing the market share of highly energy-efficient appliances and technologies.

Programs for Builders and Developers

  • Residential New Home Energy Efficiency Program: Partner in the development of Built Green Alberta, a builder program addressing energy efficiency and air quality issues.
  • Building Operator Training Program: Accelerate the training and certifying of building operators to optimize commercial building energy systems.
  • Commercial/Industrial Building Retrofit Program: Establish energy audits and low interest loans for small to medium size enterprises to improve their building energy efficiencies.
  • Sustainable Buildings Symposium: Support an annual symposium in Edmonton and Calgary on sustainable building design.

Programs for Municipalities and Rural Communities

  • Alberta Solar Municipal Showcase: This two-year project is the first province-wide demonstration of its kind in Canada and will showcase solar energy on 20 municipal buildings across Alberta.
  • ME first!: A four-year, low-interest loan program to evaluate and fund municipalities’ energy efficiency improvement proposals.
  • Combined Heat and Power Optimization Initiative: Encourage action in implementing combined heat and power systems in Alberta communities to achieve significant energy savings.
  • Community Engagement in Promoting Energy Efficiency: Establish ambassadors within communities to promote energy efficiency and conservation.

Programs for Personal and Commercial Vehicle Owners

  • Alberta Reduce Idling Campaign: Encourage drivers to decrease idling of personal vehicles, particularly in areas with a heavy concentration of running vehicles.
  • Car Heaven: An incentive program to encourage the scrappage and recycling of older vehicles that produce significant amounts of greenhouse gases and air pollution.
  • Raising awareness and encouraging commuters to try carpooling.
  • Hail A Hybrid: Hail a Hybrid will give participating taxi owners an incentive towards the purchase of a hybrid vehicle. In return, operators will monitor the long-term operating costs of hybrids versus conventional taxis.